Press Release: New melt-spinning pilot plant in operation in the Chemport Europe Region

Senbis and SPIC Facilities B.V. are happy to announce the commissioning of a new ultimate flexible pilot plant for multifilament yarns and monofilaments. In 2020, Senbis initiated an investment programme of €5.5 million through its subsidiary SPIC Facilities B.V.. This investment brought new unique opportunities for the development of sustainable plastics in the Chemport Europe […]

Senbis donates 400 trees as a christmas gift to its relations

Thank you for your cooperation in 2021!  Senbis has donated 400 trees as a christmas gift to its relations. This was the third year in a row that we chose for this gift. All together Senbis has donated over 1,000 trees in the Netherlands and abroad. We are looking forward to working with you again […]

Evaluating recycled PET grades and making them Fit for Purpose.

Senbis’s whitepaper provides in-depth insights how recycled PET (rPET) can be evaluated and modified to convert the polymer into rPET based products that are ‘Fit for Purpose’. During PET production, product use and PET recycling, the PET product quality can deteriorate significantly by: Thermal degradation Chemical and mechanical attack The presence of contaminants The whitepaper […]

Meet us at the PHA world congress and the Dornbirn global fiber congress

At the PHA world conference on September 22nd in Cologne, our technical director Bas Krins will discuss the relation between the chemical and physical structure of different types of PHA’s and the role they can play in the search for filaments and yarns with good mechanical properties and fast biodegradation behavior. To sign up please visit: You can […]

World’s first biodegradable artificial turf field

In August 2021, Senbis, Sweco, AnteaSport, Edel Grass and TenCate will install the world’s first biodegradable artificial turf football field. This GreenMaxx field is the result of a research assignment from the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. The 1000 m2 small-sided games field will be installed at EHS’85 in Emmen, the Netherlands, and […]

Senbis starts development of a biodegradable Engineering Plastic

It is the core mission of Senbis to develop innovative solutions for microplastic problems by utilizing the opportunities with biodegradable polymers. Based on the current biodegradable polymers that are commercially and large scale available, it is very difficult to design products with high mechanical and thermal properties. This is inherent to the molecular design and […]

Senbis co-hosted webinar on microplastic legislation and bioplastic innovations

Senbis co-hosted a Chemport Connect webinar on microplastic legislation and bioplastic innovations, of which the recording is now available on youtube. Our Managing Director Gerard Nijhoving explains the market impact of legislation and elaborates our choices for bioplastic developments (at 31:00) Initial program In the transition towards a manufacturing industry that uses more sustainable polymers and avoid the […]

Multi-million investment in R&D infrastructure

Senbis expands pilot facilities for sustainable plastics EMMEN (NL), 15th June 2020 – Over the next three years, Senbis in Emmen, the Netherlands, will be investing €5.5 million through its new subsidiary SPIC Facilities BV, in a testing facility for the development of sustainable plastics. ‘We will be acquiring an impressive range of machinery that will make successive  polymer […]

Senbis wins government tender to develop compostable artificial grass

Senbis and its partners win tender for a Dutch government grant to develop a fully compostable artificial grass system Emmen, 2nd of December 2019 The Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports has granted Senbis Polymer Innovations BV an assignment to develop a fully compostable artificial grass system. The project is executed under the name of […]