Press Release: New melt-spinning pilot plant in operation in the Chemport Europe Region

Senbis and SPIC Facilities B.V. are happy to announce the commissioning of a new ultimate flexible pilot plant for multifilament yarns and monofilaments. In 2020, Senbis initiated an investment programme of €5.5 million through its subsidiary SPIC Facilities B.V.. This investment brought new unique opportunities for the development of sustainable plastics in the Chemport Europe […]

Tree Donation Certificate. Happy New Year 2023!

Senbis wishes all its customers, suppliers and friends a happy new year! Just like the past three years Senbis has donated in total 400 trees as a Christmas gift to its relations.  We thank all our relations for the good cooperation in 2022 and look forward to an exciting 2023. Let’s keep innovating together for […]

Application development with biopolymers

Senbis Polymer Innovations has successfully worked on the development of high end applications using biodegradable polymers. In addition Senbis investigated options for improving mechanical properties of biopolyesters for these type of applications (monofilaments and multifilaments). Senbis is now preparing the production and commercialization of these developed products. More information can be found on the Senbis Sustainable Products website. Biodegradable […]