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Dynamic Vapour Sorption (DVS)

Many chemicals including polymers absorb moisture to some extent. The DVS is capable of determining how much moisture can be absorbed by a sample from the air. A delicate balance with two crucibles are placed in a temperature controlled chamber (5 - 85°C) where nitrogen with an adjustable humidity can be lead through. As the sample in one crucible absorbs or desorbs moisture, tiny differences in mass can be monitored and fitted into a plot where the absorbtion and desorption kinetics of a sample are reported in. As this device is capable of measuring more than just polymers we kindly accept other materials, chemicals or substances. 

Examples of questions from other clients:

  • Can you determine the absorption and desorption kinetics of our polymeric sample?
  • What is the water content at equilibrium of my polymer during storage?
  • What is the optimal drying condition of our new compound? 



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