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Solving polymer challenges!

We do this with a team of very experienced professionals with different polymer specializations and by using our fully equipped polymer laboratory and pilot plant.
Our extensive know-how regarding the relationship between process settings, physical structure of the product, and its mechanical properties, allows you to develop new customer specified products, in record time.

Even though we have a specialization in yarns and filaments, we offer consultancy and research services in almost all related fields. Most of our colleagues have a background in polymer chemistry and our laboratory as well as our pilot plant facilities can be used for a wide range of (bio)polymers and applications.

Our customers vary from monomer, additive and raw material producers to intermediate producers (such as yarn producers or compounders) to end customers. Customer sizes vary from small enterprises to multinationals.

Here are a few random examples of assignments that we get.

  • Please trace back the origin of a specific stripe or inconsistency in a carpet (by industrial carpet customer)
  • I've got two resin batches. One batch does not perform as good as the other: why?
  • I want to add a biobased/biodegradable/biocompostable product to my portfolio with specific properties but I don't know where to start.
  • We produce strings for music instruments. Find a way to asses new synthetic yarns for our high-end music applications.
  • Plastic pollution of the oceans is a big problem, the fishing industry wants to limit its pollution, please develop a sustainable solution (see www.vispluisvrij.nl).
  • Find all parties and test facilities needed to recycle garnments/textiles in order to join the circular economy.

Making your product Fit-For-Purpose
We receive many questions from polymer producers and compounders to make their product fit for specific applications. As an example we see many questions for improving polymer grades to make them fit for the production of monofilaments in order to be successfully used for 3D printing (for different end applications) as this is one of our specialties.

Please contact us to discuss how we can be of service.

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