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The speciality of Senbis Polymer Innovation is Polymer Analysis. With our large research lab we can analyse and test all kinds of polymer. Our main focus is innovation and are experts in spinning, extrusion, polymerization and ssp.

We have access to a fully-equipped polymer laboratory and a pilot plant. With all your polymer questions and challenges you can come to us.

Our opportunities in Polymer analysis

We know Polymer analysis is comprehensive. Companies come to us with a wide range of questions and polymer challenges. But with our complete research lab and our highly trained staff we can help with almost every request. See below for a overview of our services. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Complete physical polymer structure analysis

We can make a complete structure analysis of polymer yarns, polymer films, polymer strappings and so on. This means you get knowledge of the physical structure parameters in relation to the process parameters and properties of your product.
With this complete overview, you can boost the development of the noval processes and will support your trouble shooting.

Thermal Polymer Analysis 

With Thermal Polymer Analyses we can find thermal characteristics of polymer yarns and fiber. The most popular is Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC). We can do normal scanning and fast scanning up to 500K/min.
Other thermal analysis are:
- Thermo Gravimetric Analysis (TGA)
- Thermo Stress Analysis (TSA)
- Thermo Mechanical Analysis (TMA)
- Free shrinkage or shrinkage force of films and yarns as a function of temperature.
- Expansion coefficients.
- Heat distortion or Vicat softening temperatures.
- Dynamic Vapour Sorption (DVS)
- Water absorption or desorption kinetics.
- Water equilibria in polymers.
- Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) of yarns and plastics

Rheological polymer analyses 

With our different rheometers we can help you with all kinds of rheological polymer challenges.

Haake extrusion rheometer 

With he Haake extrusion rheometer you can study the rheological behaviour of polymer under realistic conditions. It has different custom-made devices for several tests.
It can perform for example simple apparent shear viscosity vs. apparent shear rate curves at your process temperature and conditions. Other possibility’s are:
- Elongational Viscosity
- Rheotens Melt strength curve
- curves for rheological calculations

Small scale cast film, blown film devices and a very small-scale spinning device for 10filaments can all be applied if relevant.

Göttfert capillary rheometer

This rheometer is perfect for small amounts of granulate. It is equipped with a dryer. This is used as a dosing device.

Rheometric controlled strain torsion rheometer

The Rheometric controlled strain torsion rheometer is a powerful tool to study the molecular architecture of polymer and what is does with it’s melt flow. When you think of molecular weight, tactility and branching, we often see that the rheology is extremely sensitive to changes in the molecular structure.

Besides this. This rheometer can also be used for determination of thixotropic or rheopectic behaviour of dispersions.
The temperature range of this rheomoter is -160 up to 300 °C.

Mechanical properties and quality measurements 

Other services we offer are quality measurements of polymer and research of the mechanical properties.
See for a complete overview of all our services here.

Contact us to discuss the possibility’s

Feel free to contact us with your questions or challenges. We’d love to help you with our specialized team and our fully equipped Polymer lab.

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