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Cooperation & Spin-offs

At Senbis we have close relationships with our customers. We are open for a variety of cooperations. Please approach us if you see potential. Examples of cooperations are:

  • Mutual development of products e.g. in shared ownership 
  • Production of dedicated specialty products for you
  • Support of educational institutions with valorization and with the practical part of their education programms. As an example we have a good cooperation with the Stenden University of Applied Sciences
  • Being your dedicated R&D partner. Having a fixed partner can save you costs while still having support by professionals that know your organization and challenges
  • Co-investments into new laboratory and pilot plant infrastructure. (see SPIC-Emmen)

Production spin-offs

Cooperations sometimes lead to new production opportunities. At Senbis we are interested in realizing spin-off products that are in line with our specializations (yarns and filaments). We for example worked for years on the development of a 100% biobased en fully compostable twine for the horticulture industry. The production as started in june 2018. Currently we are working on other biopolymer applications such as artifical grass and infill, degradable trimmerline and a degradable dolleyrope (see also the project website: www.dollyropefree.com

Spin-off in 3D printing

Innofil3D Senbis Senbis Polymer Innovations already succesfully build up a production spin-off company called Innofil3d, The company quickly grew to one of the leading monofilament producers for 3D-printing and became fully independant as of January 1st 2017. The cooperation between both organizations remains close and many research efforts in the field of 3D printing are done together. Since august 2017, Innofil3D is fully part of BASF 3D printing solutions.

Cooperation to offer equipment to the polymer industry

SPIC Emmen

SPIC-Emmen is a cooperation between companies active in the plastic industry in the Emmen region in the Netherlands. Within this cluster all kinds of technology and laboratory equipement are openly offered to the sector. From polymerization, to compounding, to application development such as fibers, the technology for R&D and up-scaling to production is available. More info at: www.SPIC-Emmen.com

Partners of the SPIC cooperation are: Cumapol, Morssinkhof Sustainable Plastics, Innofil3D, HP Moulding, Emmtec Services, NHL/Stenden, Drenthe College.

Bellow you can find a movie explaining the activities of some of the cooperating partners in the region.

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