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Compostable Senbis PLA yarn 9210

With the Senbis PLA yarn 9210 you can make your product more sustainable as you can replace oil-based yarns by a yarn that is made from an organic source. It also offers an end of life solution as the product can be fully composted. In certain industries this can also lead to cost reductions as disposing plastic waste is becoming more expensive in many countries.

Typical applications:

  • Twines and ropes
  • Nets
  • Woven textiles
  • Braided products

Typical industry:

  • Horticulture
  • Agriculture
  • Geotextiles

Sustainability aspect

  • 100% bio-based PLA polymer
  • 100% industrial compostable in accordance with the standard EN13432
  • High intrinsic UV resistance 
  • Available in different BIO-colours

Current status

This product has been fully developed and is being produced on an industrial scale. The yarn sold by Senbis Sustainable Products directly.
Available in three different counts (titer):2200dtex, 1100dtex and 500dtex. 

For more information including technical data please download our product brochure.


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