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Marine degradable fishing net protection (dolly rope)

Industry and application area

Marine degradable fishing net protection (dolly rope).

In the fishing industry, high-value fishing nets are dragged by fishing trawlers over the seabed. During the dragging over the sand bottom, the nets are subjected to severe abrasive wear. To avoid the wear and damaging of the nets, the nets are protected with ropes. These ropes are called “dolly-ropes”. Fishermen knot the dolly-ropes on the nets prior to fishing. During the dragging the ropes spreads into tiny filaments and create a kind of protective “cushion” between the nets and the seabed.

Dolley rope

Sustainability aspect

  • No microplastics that remain in the sea due to the full marine biodegradation
  • Biobased origin rather than the fossil-based polyethylene, reducing the footprint of the polymer manufacturing phase
  • Two times improved fiber durability, due to the improved wear resistance

Current status

Successfully developed as part of the dolly rope free project. Larger productions and field tests are currently scheduled. First commercial sales are expected in 2020. More technical specifications will be shared on this website soon.

Bird dolley rope



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