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Biodegradable grass infill - GreenFill

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Industry and application area

Fully in-soil biodegradable grass infill for artificial grass fields as an alternative to e.g. the current rubber granulates.

In artificial sport turf systems often rubber granulates are used as infill to make the pitches more durable, weather-proof and to add shock absorption and traction. The granulates are usually made from scrap end-of-life tyres (ELTs) that are cut into smaller forms. In the past years there have been discussions on whether or not these rubber granules cause health issues to both adults and children playing on these fields. Moreover, several thousands of tons of rubber granulates end up in the environment every year polluting the environment with microplastics and toxic components that are capsulated in the tyre rubber.

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) made a proposal to restrict the use of intentionally added microplastics to the environment, in which polymeric infills are specifically targeted. An exemption is made for infills that are biodegradable. More information on the restriction proposal can be found in this article of the ECHA website.

Sustainability aspect

  • In-soil biodegradable (no microplastic pollution)
  • Good sports performance 
  • Low abrasion (long life on the field)

The most important argument for the development of the GreenFill was to come up with an infill that does not cause microplastic pollution in the environment around the artificial grass fields. Therefore the product was designed to be fully biodegradable in soil conditions. In addition an end-of-life solution is provided, as the GreenFill can be fully composted at a composting facility after the functional life of artificial grass field. 

Product brochure

For more product information, such as on sports performance and biodegradability, please download the brochure below:

Questions & Answers (Q&A)

For questions on the performance of this infill, on how the biodegradation works and on how it complies with legislation, you can find more information by downloading the Q&A below:

Pilot field

In October 2019 a 20x30 meter pilot field has been installed at SC Erica in the municipality of Emmen. The test field has been realized in cooperation with Sweco Netherlands, Antea Sport and Edelgrass.

In October 2020 infill samples from the pilot field have been analyzed both chemically as on sports performance. There was little to no abrasion measured. In addition there are almost no signs of biodegradation of the infill on the pitch. This concludes a long life expectancy of the infill on artificial grass fields.

Opening test field Erica

Reference projects 2020

In 2020 Senbis has supplied GreenFill for two artificial grass pitches in the Netherlands

  • sv DHL in Delft. This pitch was realized by Antea Sport with EdelGrass turf. More information on this project can be found here (in Dutch).
  • HC&FC Victoria 1893 in Hilversum. This pitch was realized by CSC Sport with GreenFields turf. More information on this project can be found here (in Dutch).

GreeFill at DHL DelftGreenFill field at sv DHL in Delft, the Netherlands

GreenFill at SC VictoriaGreenFill field at SC Victoria in Hilversum, the Netherlands


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