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Biodegradable trimmerline - GreenLine

Industry and application area

In-soil biodegradable monofilament for grass trimmers. 

Municipalities, park services and home owners worldwide use grass trimmers to cut grass and other plants near objects, or on steep or irregular terrain. The trimmer line is worn of and cut into very small pieces while cutting the grass or plants. Through the use of trimmer lines thousands of tons of microplastics are disposed in the environment every year.

This product allows service providers in the green industry to offer a green solution for grass trimming to their customers!

Sustainability aspect

  • Fully in-soil degradable

Current status

Upscaling in process. We have successfully developed a product on lab scale and are currently working on producing the trimmer line on a larger scale. Extensive testing has been performed with professional users. First commercial sales are expected in 2021. 

Senbis presented the development of the GreenLine at the European Bioplastic in Berlin in December 2019.

GreenLine at European Biopolymer conference Berlin


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